Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Writing Block (It's not what you think)

So I've been writing blocked. I know what you're thinking. "He probably means he has writer's block". Wrong. The ideas have been flowing like the Thames, but I'm sure you're familiar with the phrase "cock block". Well this is what I'm talking about, except with writing... I'll explain.

Recently (a few weeks ago) I had an idea for a new story. I wasn't sure what form it would take - book, book series, movie, short film - but I knew I wanted it to be a cop story, but with an unlikely protagonist, someone who sees a lot from the outside.

I myself have taken quite an interest in law and police work, and being a writer I thought to myself: how cool would it be if I could tag along with a detective for a week and take notes on their processes, watch what they do and who knows, maybe offer some advice. Then I got to thinking that knowing me, I'd probably try to be right in there solving the cases with them. Then THAT got me thinking: what an awesome idea for a story. Writer follows a detective around for a few cases and before they know it, he's practically a cop himself.

Then reality stuck me. That is already a thing. A couple weeks ago I finally got around to watching that show "Castle" on TV. Yeah, it turns out that's the entire premise of the show. In one way it sucks because of course now I won't be getting any credit for the idea at all, and it's likely that nothing will come of it for me; but in another way, it's kind of cool. Now every time my PVR records another episode of Castle, I get to see "my idea" on the semi-big-ish screen. What makes this even better is that it's written more or less exactly like I would have done it.

Anyway, there's a wee update from the mind of me. It is now early morning, so I'd better do some sleepy time. Chao.

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