Saturday, March 16, 2013


I just finished walking around the set of our short film all day, from 9:30am until now. We think it turned out really well, but there were casualties. 10 in total. 5 pairs of feet are now almost completely obliterated. Well it was worth it, this was by far my favourite film project to work on yet, not because of the content of the story, the location, or anything else like that, but because of the crew I got to work with. I'm not used to being able to work with people who are just as committed, creative, and willing as I am, and it was a super amazing experience. Now that I know where to find these people, and they know where to find me, I can foresee myself working with them a lot more. We had great equipment, great actors, and a great crew, and now that we are heading off to post production, hopefully a great product. Wish us luck!


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