Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Speaking Of Yellow Brick Roads

So today I saw the new Oz movie with James Franco: Oz, the Great and Powerful. I have to say although it sat a little strangely at first, Franco's over-acting really sold it for me in the end. It was very clear that it was intentional and I don't think he could've done that much of a better job than he did, so good job James Franco, you nailed it! The movie definitely had a few good 3D moments but I actually think the 2D version does it enough justice. Without spoiling anything, I will say the ending makes the whole movie worth it. If you ask me if I recommend it I would say yes, go for it.

Anywho, that does it for the film review post for now, tune in next time for some other movie, possibly Jack the Giant Slayer. Cherio humans.

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