Thursday, March 21, 2013

Oh So That's How This Works

I am very quickly realizing that when there isn't a lot going on, things are moving slowly, minimal homework to do, etc. it is more than likely that more nothing will continue to happen. But as soon as things start picking up, you make plans and you're back to being busy, every single opportunity you were looking for before comes up as a possibility.

Ok so maybe not EVERYTHING I wanted to do is coming up now, but after quite a while of a very calm existence, I'm starting to get invited places, asked for help on things (important things)...

On the bright side, I may be helping work on a feature film in the foreseeable future. So that's pretty cool. If you guys are interested go check out the trailer on the CineCoup film accelerator website:
And then go check out the Facebook page for the film:
As well as the production company's website:

Anywho that about does it for this little instalment, stay tuned and stuff. Alveterzane.

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